About Us

Influence Networks began by noticing a problem: Conventional web searches put a premium on popular content and thus systematically missed many influential individuals. Simply put, popularity was drowning out influence. The web needs to be more than a playground where amorphous individuals and groups engage in popularity contests and gain recognition by how many strokes ("follows") they can elicit from others. Nothing wrong with popularity as such. But significance on the web needs also to be measured in terms of expertise as demonstrated by true accomplishment. Influence Networks finds those influencers and assesses their degree of influence.

Based on our influence-ranking technology, we build custom integrations. For our client TheBestSchools.org, we built a custom tool that ranks universities and their degree programs by returning the names and influence scores of associated faculty and alums - a novel approach that promises to revolutionize the academic rankings biz! Prospective students can thus identify not only the best schools and degree programs at which to study, but also the influential scholars in the areas of study they want to explore.

If your company needs a custom integration to determine the influencers in your niche, or you want to know more about how this technology may benefit you, contact us.